With eu.ESCO, one is a step ahead of competition and at the same time contributes to the EU climate and energy targets

Every public as well as private organisation has one primary goal: bring the best services, products or solutions to market at competitive or at least affordable prices.

For staying competitive in the international marketplace, public undertakings and private sector companies must cut costs while continuing to operate more efficient and sustainable than ever before. In addition, they have to comply with the European Union’s climate and energy objectives.

Energy efficiency of buildings constitutes a brilliant opportunity to simultaneously contribute to all these objectives and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is the “royal road” to lever the necessary investments out of funds with guaranteed savings from reducing energy consumption.

The eu.ESCO members are willing and ready to provide industry-leading EPC for leveraging building performance and energy efficiency by identifying energy conservation measures and implementing staged deep energy retrofits without utilizing capital funding. All this with the objective to create additional value for its customers with the the bottom line goal of delivering a positive impact with short pay back times.

EPC enables a multi win situation: it helps building owners and tenants to improve buildings’ energy costs, reliability and performance, it has a positive impact on the environment respectively regulatory requirements and it eases stakeholders` pressure on energy and environmental responsibility.

Energy Performance Contracting is an important facilitator, supporting the European Union to achieve its climate and energy objectives and improves the employment rate across the European Community. Moreover, it delivers the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

We as eu.ESCO members are ready to support you in minimizing your impact on the environment and optimizing your energy consumption. And we are convinced: Today’s available technical solutions and financial instruments can turn buildings into a tool that provides an enhanced competitive edge to private and public companies and at the same time levers the urgently needed investments to achieve EU energy efficiency targets.

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