EUSEW2021 Webinar recording: “ESCOS AND EnPCs: Key energy efficiency tools to deliver Fit for 55”

On 21 October 2021, eu.esco, together with BPIE and EFIEES organised a webinar to highlight the potential of energy service companies (ESCOs) using Energy Performance Contracts (EnPCs), to support Europe in reaching the objectives of the Green Deal, Renovation Wave and, more specifically, the Fit for 55 package. To ensure EU legislation is on track with the renewed 2030 climate ambition, it is key not only to ensure that energy efficiency actions, such as building renovations, are fostered and massively rolled out, but also that the solutions in place maintain and even increase improved energy performance over time, through effective monitoring, management, and maintenance of relevant energy installations. EnPCs are a proven mechanism to deliver energy savings in the long term; moreover, they can offer a viable financing solution for the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

The event fostered an active discussion between policymakers, institutions and stakeholders (ESCOs, technology providers, cities and citizen networks, think tanks, energy agencies and others), that will be engaged in shaping EU policies falling under the Fit for 55 package.


Veronika Jiříčková DG ENER – General Directorate for Energy of the European Commission: “EnPCs in Europe – Setting the scene

Christian Spengler Vice President Finance – Energy & Performance Services Siemens/eu.esco – European Association of Energy Service Companies: “Energy Performance Contracts- best practices and pooling of public tenders

Pascal Guillaume President EFIEES – European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services: “Ready to delivering for the fit for 55: managing the building’s energies

Jessica Glicker Project Manager BPIE – Buildings Performance Institute Europe: “Active and Fit: How actively managed buildings can help scale EnPCs to reach Fit for 55

Arianna Vitali Roscini Secretary-General The Coalition for Energy Savings [Moderator]