eu.ESCO Press-Release – New face at the top of eu.ESCO

eu.ESCO would like to thank Stéphane Le Gentil for his commitment and his engagement during his time as Chair. We wish him all the best for the future.

The newly elected Chair is Tobias Huber (Siemens). Following his election, Tobias Huber declared: “It is for me an honour to be appointed Chair and I will do my utmost in order to ensure that eu.ESCO’s Vision becomes a reality, without compromising its Mission”.

eu.ESCO’s Vision is:
“A world where Energy Performance Contracting is recognised by public authorities as one of the key tools for energy efficiency in buildings”

eu.ESCO’s Mission is:
“To represent Energy Service Companies offering Energy Performance Contracting vis?à?vis European Institutions, other relevant European Stakeholders, Member States and public authorities”

On this occasion, eu.ESCO would also like to welcome a new member into its family: Aramark Environmental Services.

eu.ESCO’s main activities are:

  • Providing education, best practices sharing and knowledge transfer on ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
  • Boosting the energy services market by increasing its transparency: information updates on ESCOs and their offerings, guarantee the quality of their services, etc.
  • Making energy services accessible and understandable by disseminating examples and case studies
  • Increasing customers’ confidence in ESCOs
  • Raising awareness on EPC potential, knowledge and usage Facilitating interaction between ESCOs, policy?makers and key stakeholders
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